At The Fox and The Sea, we build data-driven marketing solutions uniquely tailored to renewable energy companies, NGOs, and B Corps. With 15 years of experience in promoting purpose-driven brands, our team understands the challenges of reaching your audience and amplifying your impact.


Our process begins with collaborative workshops that align stakeholders around your vision and strategic priorities, forming the basis for a unified strategy tailored to your objectives.


We craft authentic brand stories that connect with your stakeholders on a deeper level. Our branding experts create compelling visual identities, narratives, and messaging that embody your values and inspire action.


In a crowded marketplace, distinct positioning is crucial. We help define your unique value proposition, establish thought leadership, and strategically position your brand to stand out from competitors.


Our team produces informative, shareable content that educates stakeholders and cultivates communities around your business. We optimize content for visibility and leverage social channels to amplify your message.


Collaboration is at the core of our process. We facilitate cross-functional workshops and brainstorming sessions to ensure cohesive, aligned marketing initiatives supported by comprehensive documentation and training resources.


Empowering your team is crucial for long-term success. Our training programs are tailored to your organization’s needs, equipping your employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to execute marketing strategies effectively.

Amplify Your Impact

Learn how our strategic, purpose-driven solutions can maximize your impact today.

Fergie and Boone (our founder’s furry family members) encouraged the Fox and the Sea to support the third most abandoned pet in the US: Rabbits! We donate 10% of our yearly profits to 501c(3) rabbit sanctuaries.